More Etsy Poaching

Just one more example of Etsy poaching, in this case, on an “unavailable” listing. Instead of showcasing items from the shop whose “unavailable” item was clicked by the buyer, Etsy takes this opportunity to redirect the buyer to different shops, or as shown in this instance, only one other shop even though the original shop has similar items. If Etsy is going to poach, why don’t they spread the poaching love to other bag sellers – why just this one?






One thought on “More Etsy Poaching

  1. This poor seller has her handmade items surrounded by factory made items. Another seller told her to report the shops. Like that will actually do anything! :
    If I see one more “boutique” on ETSY selling china made clothing I’m gonna scream!!! What has got to give?!? What can we do to stop this!?! FED UP! I just feel that the power of handmade is lost now.. I have a long turnaround time because I sew everything myself and I can only sew so much in a day.. When my item is listed RIGHT next to something that can be shipped in 2 days vs 2 weeks.. they are NOT going to choose me.. Why not buy from “boutiques” that can deliver a product within 2 days of purchase?!?

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