Etsy’s Black Milk

I had never heard of Black Milk Clothing until mentioned in the Etsy forums, so Rusetsy went over to the clothing brand’s site and read up. The story behind the brand sounds much like what Etsy would have us believe is their target seller – independent designer/maker, unique, trendy, quality product, and a great story. Yet, Etsy is not attracting these successful independent designer/makers; it is attracting those who ripoff original designers by copying designs and marketing fakes as originals. Here is Etsy’s Black Milk, who has enjoyed 166 sales in only two months time. Sales from which Etsy has profited.

In case you are not aware, selling counterfeit goods is illegal in the U.S. and according to this article, counterfeiting costs U.S. businesses $250 billion a year; 750,000 U.S. jobs have been lost because of counterfeiting. While U.S. Customs is daily battling counterfeits coming into the U.S., Etsy seems to be welcoming them with open arms (as a matter of opinion, of course.)

I wonder. Will Etsy allow U.S. Customs to use the “C” word when they come a’callin’?


6 thoughts on “Etsy’s Black Milk

  1. The sad thing about this is it is probably not copied but the actual items sold from the factory/printer supplying the same brand. I did fabric printing in Asia with my own copyrighted designs and the printers would then sell the design to whoever wanted to purchase it. Trademark/copyright means nothing there.

      • Actually everything Black Milk sells is made in-house. No factory. It’s just people stealing the photos and selling crappy knock-off leggings that won’t look aaaanything like the pics.

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  3. The only disappear when an outsider mentions them. If an Etsy seller were to do this they would be forever muted. That’s how Etsy gets rid of dissent and keeps up the pretense that they have an integrity team looking into resellers. Which we all know is a joke of epic magnitude. I have reported resellers myself and they are still there 2 years later. I even sent proof from the Alibaba site they purchased from.

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