Stepford Crafts

Martha Stewart is to crafts what Etsy is to handmade. She has ironically monetized DIY which came about because DIYers want to save money, and possibly create a unique item by doing-it-themselves. But Sweet Martha wants to help, so she has filled the craft shelves of the local big-box store with package-pretty craft supplies. Expensive package-pretty craft supplies. Many are not really craft supplies at all, but already-done-for-you-except-the-Marthabrand$9.99glue- craft supplies. Because Martha doesn’t want your crafts to look like you made them; she wants them to look like Martha, the Queen DIYer, made them. Kind of like…. mass-produced do-it-yourself, or Stepford crafts.

I don’t follow Martha never followed Martha will never ever follow Martha, so if in the shoes of this Etsy seller would be most upset at being forced to follow Martha. You see, the all-knowing-Etsy-only-a-venue has decided this seller likes Martha and therefore should, and will, follow her. And as Randy Travis said, “forever and ever, amen.”

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