Etsy at the Walmart


Someone dared ask the question in the Etsy forums,

“Would you like to see Etsy Gift Cards in Walmart?”

woohoohoo… this didn’t go over well with some of the Etsy snobs who were aghast at such a suggestion. Associate Etsy with Walmart? Never, ever, ever, and never again use “Etsy” and “Walmart” in the same sentence you irreverent fool.

Do these folks never come out of their shops to see who their Etsy neighbors are?? Or, are their snubby-nosed heads so buried in the sand they can’t free themselves to look around??

5 thoughts on “Etsy at the Walmart

  1. I noticed that discussion just before you posted it and I think that it’s probably a logical next step for Etsy, given the recent policy changes that are being implemented. They want to make sure all those handmade “collectives” in the Far East have plenty of customers, so what better way to promote their work than to team up with the world’s biggest seller of cheap crap?

  2. Yeah but Etsy has much to learn before they can join the leagues of WalFart on cheap Far East goods. They would insist Etsy drop the price down to 10cents on the dollar, squeeze Etsy out completely and go direct to the Chinese manufacture.

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