Knock It Off With the Knock-Offs

A lawsuit on behalf of Coach, Inc. was filed against a Florida flea market for allowing vendors to market and sell knock-off Coach bags and other Coach products, and according to this news article, a $5.5 million settlement was reached today in favor of Coach, Inc., and the suit dismissed.

Quoting from the article:

Like many other luxury goods companies, Coach has taken a very aggressive stance against counterfeiters in recent years. That campaign has included working with law enforcement agencies to try to stop counterfeit items from being sold and also filing civil lawsuits against businesses that the company said provide a “safe haven” for vendors to illegally sell the phony products.

Interesting, huh?

Another interesting little tidbit…. shops selling Michael Kors knockoffs as pointed out by Rusetsy in “The Twelve Days of (an Etsy) Christmas” have disappeared from the site. Perhaps Etsy is taking knock-off resellers a little more seriously than general resellers.


UPDATE: The price on the Gucci handbags went down by $58.00 overnight! Wow! See what being featured on Rusetsy can do for your business?? (and… some of the pretty bag colors disappeared… along with some sold items, photos and listings now replaced with “no longer available.” Now, isn’t that interesting?

ETA: Price is falling! Now down to $100…. (see comments below!)

8 thoughts on “Knock It Off With the Knock-Offs

  1. Gee, I wonder if any of those Etsy Admins will be sending RUSEtsy a nice Christmas Thank You card for pointing out the error of their ways before they got busted in a nasty lawsuit.

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  3. Hey … they’ve reduced the price by $158 ….. now a tempting $100. Wow … somebody getting nervous about being stuck with a whole closetful of knockoffs when Etsy is forced to shut them down. getting a little nervous are we?

  4. I’ve never seen anything like what’s happening today with these freakin’ resellers. They are so blatant that my tech friends are speculating that this debacle was probably planned all along. Do you realize that it’s possible for buyers to be “secretly” directed to resellers in ways that we can’t see? This may have happened when they changed the appearance and layout of the listings, particularly what they did with the tags. I am saddened, disappointed and very paranoid. I hope they’re not watching us malcontents here on RUSEtsy!

    • That would certainly explain the sales in the thousands for these reseller shops. Good thing they have at least 100 of each item!

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