As Bitcoin becomes more mainstream, a new Bitcoin marketplace, BitDazzle, has emerged targeting small business owners. Advertised as “the best place to buy and sell with bitcoin,” the site is partnered with CoinBase, a reputable bitcoin wallet provider. Shops can also be easily integrated with Paypal, and products can be uploaded from a CSV file.

Pomegranate Farm is in the process of opening a storefront on the site and Rusetsy will keep readers informed of the experience. 

Stay tuned for updates!


9 thoughts on “BitDazzle

  1. So far, I really like the look of it. My CSV file did not upload well at all, but it was probably more of a problem on my end. I’m not really one to jump on each, and every latest fad, but I’m really interested to see where this will go.

  2. I just wanted to add … I ran into a question I had about linking existing CoinBase wallets to new BitDazzle stores, so I fired off an email this morning, and it’s already been answered, like legitimately answered! I just got REAL support, buy a REAL person, not a creepy Cupcake-bot with generic answers.

    • I know! Yesterday I got live-chat support!! With a “thank-you” thrown in for good measure!! Amazing! Like you, just interested to see where it goes. I believe we will see Etsy jump on the bitcoin train soon.

      • I’ve run into a hiccup with a missing billing section which should be located under “Account,” I feel like I’ve missed a step somewhere during set-up, yet everything else looks fine (paypal appears to be configured). Did you notice anything like this?

  3. Hi guys! This Lauren from BitDazzle. Stormy, to answer your question, BitDazzle is totally free right now, so there is no billing tab! We offer another product called Cashie Commerce that has a very similar admin panel. You probably came across one of our support documents that was referring to the billing tab in Cashie Commerce. This could definitely confuse someone as, again, the two admin panels look very similar. You have not missed a step and should be good sell! Have a nice day and let me know if you have any additional questions.

    • Holy moly, did that really happen??? Someone tracked you down to provide customer support??? Whoa. That is more than my little brain can handle. Thank you so very much, Lauren! Can’t wait to get back over to work on my shop.

      A+++++ for Bitdazzle!

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