Pardon Me, But There is a Bug in Your Wedding Gifts.

This bug has been crawling around the wedding section of Etsy browse since sometime in September, as reported in bugs on November 22nd. Infested is the Wedding Party section which should include gifts for the wedding party, items for use by the ring bearer, flower girl, etc. What actually appears on all 67 pages in the browse section are party items, and not limited to weddings.

Administration acknowledged the bug first on November 25th, and again on November 27th, with this explanation:

All of these items appear to be tagged with “wedding” and “party”. That explains why these listings are being pulled into the results. However, if you click into “bridesmaids” for example, this will start to pull results for that subcategory.

Then again on November 27th:

As for the wedding party section being all paper goods at the moment, we followed up with our fellow Admin on this and alerted them to how it’s being pulled.

This one remains a No Fix.

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