Etsy Tricksy On the Subject of “Nipple Killers”

If you haven’t read Etsy Tricksy on the subject of nipple killers, or if like me, you have no idea what a “nipple killer” is, go on over and find out. But be forewarned. No children or older ladies should be within computer-monitor-viewing distance. And don’t forget to read the Etsy response to this….ah….um…..delicate subject.


4 thoughts on “Etsy Tricksy On the Subject of “Nipple Killers”

  1. There is a forum category Holiday Promotions and topic “Gifts for the person who has everything” and I am so tempted to post the anal hook that shop has. And it even has pictures of a person tied and gagged with that up their butt, but they have a picture of the Grumpy cat over the hooky area. So they have porn and trademark infringement.

    • It still amazes me at how naive etsy thinks the majority of us are, as I’ve also written in my blog posts, the only ones naive enough to believe there own dribble is etsy boad members, employees themselves and the few they’ve managed to brainwash.

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