Etsy Throws OOAK’ers a Bone

In response to community outcry at Etsy’s abuse of the term OOAK, Administration has thrown the OOAK’ers a bone…. as in, stick this bone in your mouth and SHUT UP….

The bone is waaaaayyyy down at the bottom of the Forums in the Holiday Promotions Section. Will Etsy be linking to this section from the OOAK banner splashed across the front page now (mis)leading buyers to anything-but-OOAK? Don’t think so.


This is just more Etsy bullshit intended to appease those it so royally pissed off and Rob’s lame attempt to justify Etsy’s misuse of the term OOAK did nothing but throw salt on an open wound (emphasis and snark added):

“I see what you’re referring to; let me see if I can clear this up. (yes, please clear up why you are using the term OOAK when it so obviously does not apply)

Our campaign (would that be a OOAK campaign? or a use-the-OOAK-term-to-send-buyers-to-anything-but-OOAK-campaign?) is focused on letting new visitors and people unfamiliar with Etsy (those unaware they are being duped) know that Etsy is where one-of-a-kind gifts come from (they come from Etsy, but since you will never find them, here look at this instead). Lots of you make these one-of-a-kind items (and sorry we couldn’t feature you… but if you are only making OOAK items, you could not possibly be making enough product to waste our precious featured real estate on), and you can find them all over Etsy (try page 250 of any search). You can see them turn up in the gift guides put together by our partners on Pages or the Browse pages linked from our Holiday Gifts page here (where I will further slap you in the face and send you back to the featured holiday gift guide where you will be hard-pressed to find any OOAK items):

The gifts on these pages just scratch the surface of the amazing things that sellers create and find. Your shops make this marketplace one like nowhere else, and this campaign is intended to connect your shops with more buyers who are looking for one-of-a-kind gifts. (ya’ know, Rob, wouldn’t it make more sense to connect buyers who are looking for one-of-a-kind-gifts with those who actually sell OOAK????)”


Etsy Redefines One-of-a-Kind


2 thoughts on “Etsy Throws OOAK’ers a Bone

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    I was so thrilled to see a new OOAK Gifts banner on the FP tonight, and had a ray of hope that somehow the OOAK sellers would finally have a wee bit of promotion this holiday season.

    There are two nice photos on the top of the page showing handmade items being made, with OOAK text on top of the photos, and below that header are the OOAK gift guides. I clicked on one of the three OOAK gift guides, and when the page opened I counted the same featured item with 15 different shops selling the same item (same photos used in 9 instances). Clicked on three of the listings in three of the shops, and each one had a quantity of 49 available for the item. These listings did not have OOAK tags/titles on them.

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