Etsy is so proud of its recent joke-of-a-report, the Etsy Sellers’ Economic Report, that Etsy PR looks to be cramming it down the throat of every media outlet in the U.S. NBC must have recently received its copy as this article on “Etsynomics”  was published yesterday on NBC wasn’t as harsh as, but did notice the lowly little income generated by Etsynomics (emphasis added):

And most aren’t getting rich. The report finds that sales contribute an average of 7.6 percent to a seller’s household income, a little over $3,400…

The NBC article features three Etsy success stories… one will make $8,500 this year, another $25,000 – not exactly Quit-Your-Day-Job money.  One, a supply seller, is said to have a $100,000 business revealing one Etsy truth: supplies are the money-makers; handmades are not.

So, what exactly is the purpose of Etsy’s Economic Report? From the Etsy blog post introducing the Report (emphasis added): “We’ll be using our findings to urge policymakers to acknowledge the economic power of micro-businesses and to adapt public policies to support and promote them.”

The Report is for the purpose of lobbying the U.S. government for change… what exact change we don’t know, but you can bet it is change that will benefit Etsyinc, not the small seller.


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