About Those Stickers…

Don’t know where I came across the link to this thread from back in February, but it is just too funny to keep to myself. If you followed the link to the shop in question, you may have noticed it is a 4.5-star shop. Did you read the reviews? That new feedback system works really well.

Over 5000 sales in a year… a cool little $100,000…




4 thoughts on “About Those Stickers…

  1. Check this gal’s other shops ….this one is almost closed except for four “As seen on Kelly Ripa”
    necklaces. And sales stopped on Oct 25.

    But undeterred she’s opened another three shops. Some open and some not. Hedging her bets, I guess. But she has the same product in two shops …. a TShirt with the slogan “MerryChristmas Ya Filthy Animals” seems to be selling well. TSHirtMadness opened Nov. 27th but the original shop BridalBliss is an April shop. . And she DID edit some of the photos to show it slipping off the model’s shoulder.to bend the rules about duplicate products.

    “ForeverChic features Infinity scarfs made with the American flag and labelled “Vintage STYLE”. Slippery slippery ….

  2. They sold over 5.000 items. It doesn’t matter what the feedback says, how many customers get screwed or that the tags say made in China, Etsy is making money form this reseller so they’re here to stay. They’ll be forever protected because you can’t mention them in the forums and if you report the shop nothing will ever be done.

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