100 Sales! Woohoo!



Shop opened in May. Average price of products $3.00. 100 sales x $3.00 = $300.00 divided by 7 months = $42.85 per month gross income. Now that, my friend, is something to celebrate!



One thought on “100 Sales! Woohoo!

  1. No one’s quitting their day jobs, but they are getting two pizzas per month.Maybe some mozzarella sticks too with holiday sales.

    I’ve always done craft shows for pocket money and because I can’t NOT make stuff. Microbusinesses will, by and large, not save the Rust Belt, and it’s optimistic but ultimately wrong for Etsy to pretend otherwise. Keep some families here and there from having to go on food stamps, maybe. I sold enough crafts to buy myself a nice new computer last year.

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