“Sorry, little swimmy…” and the discussion continues

This old post questioning the new guidelines was recently resurrected in the Etsy forums. (Yea, I know. Not much in the forums today with all that selling going on….) The OP expressed disappointment at the Etsy changes, and one hehe response was:

Sorry little swimmy but the sharks are taking over the pool now.

Of course, there are always one or two cupcakes in the bunch, and this one explains what the new guidelines really mean (emphasis added):

Etsy is allowing designers to out-source their handmade items; however, the manufacturer can’t sell the items that are made; only the designer can sell them. So large scale manufacturers are not allowed to sell the items they make.

and from this one

My understanding is that manufacturers themselves are not allowed to sell on Etsy.

and the discussion continues…

dunedunt…. dunedunt….



One thought on ““Sorry, little swimmy…” and the discussion continues

  1. Where do they think all those bubble necklaces come from? I just placed 9,999 bubble necklaces from AliExpress in my shopping cart. You know, the ones the Etsy integrity team said were handmade.

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