Rusetsy Products For Sale

Dear readers, having generally refrained from inundating you with my handmade creations, this awesome new product must be shared. I made designed what is destined to be the hottest and newest Etsy best seller.  Now, before I show it to you, you must promise not to copy me, m’kay? crossyourhearthopetodie,stickaneedleinyoureye??  Well, to the unveiling then….


life jacket

This is my beautiful and awesome handmade life jacket!!! Isn’t it lovely?? Look at that detail… that stitching….the beautiful color combination…  now, if you want to order one, just send me $56 and $82 shipping and I’ll get it out to you as soon as my order arrives from China I’m done whipping it up just for you!! And…. I can even MONOGRAM IT!!!!! Don’t wait. ‘Cause these suckers are going to be flying off the Etsy shelf soon…. very soon!

product #X247

tags:  handmade, accessories, gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for the Etsy seller, monogrammed gifts, personalized gifts, handmade boats, boating supplies, vintage style

7 thoughts on “Rusetsy Products For Sale

  1. And I would also consider making little gas mask pendants to symbolize protecting oneself from the high volume of gas floating around the Forum from all the Admin and Cupcakes farting rainbows, but the gas mask idea has already been taken.

    Oh, wait! They don’t have to be handmade! I can buy a zillion of them from a factory in China and just *call* them handmade! Wow, what a great idea!

    Following in the footsteps of Joe’s iconic Treasury, somebody seriously oughtta make a treasury of life jackets and hip boots!

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