The Turkey Shoot

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so beware roaming turkeys…. one was sighted in the Etsy forum in today’s Q&A

Jill2day fired at Turkey Eric the ongoing question (for several years) of multiple-shop management from one account. Turkey Eric ruffled his feathers and answered (emphasis and snark added):

turkey gobblegobblegobbleJill…can see why you’d want to manage multiple shops from a single account gobblegobblegobble…has been a fairly common request of people who run multiple Etsy shops gobble it could be a helpful time saver for those people gobble. …so many improvements… we’d like to be able to ..managing multiple shops hasn’t appeared to us as gobble gobble the thing we can gobble-do that benefit the most people in the biggest way. We don’t have any gobblegobble plans to implement this feature… …. sorry that I can’t give you a better answer… gobble, gobble… always re-evaluating what we’re doing… may come up in the future… long list of improvements…. gobble gobble likely to attend to first

Other hunters raised their weapons and fired a few rounds at Turkey Eric (in part): “…curious how this has been ascertained. Has anyone actually looked at how many members have multiple shops but have let some go dormant?…If the math you’re doing is based on what you cannot see, it may be flawed.”

“…once upon a time it was on admin’s radar and something expected to be worked on and rolled out. …it has fallen off the “to do” list. Last I remember it was just slowed down due to complexity.”

A fly-by bullet barely missed Turkey Eric’s head: “…Etsy changed it’s entire policies in order to allow mass produced items in, or designer only items…only benefiting a select few. Far fewer I would assume than those that operate multiple shops here on etsy.”

Then Jill slowly raised her weapon, looked through the scope, and took precise aim at the retreating turkey butt: “… I do understand that if we could consolidate, suddenly the “member” count would be reduced because of a member being only counted once rather than 3 or 4 times as independent shops…”

turkeyhelppowpow pow pow powpow pow


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