Etsy Shop Suggestions

Janine King, the #1 Etsy seller in the bags category has been an Etsy seller since 2006, has 35,290 sales, a 5-star rating, (and once appeared on the Martha Stewart Show). She has this to say about Etsy suggesting specific shops (from the search page):

There are several legacy sellers on Etsy whose main product is camera bags, I’m one of them. We have more items in our shops, five star feedback ratings, lots of back links to our shops from social media, etc. So why are those new shops chosen by Etsy as suggested shops for “camera bags” over me or the other legacy camera bag sellers?

When doing a search for “camera bag,” buyers are prompted with three shop choices:





From the handmadeproducts1 listing page, we get a further suggestion


which in-a-roundabout-sort-of-way leads us to this shop.

One thought on “Etsy Shop Suggestions

  1. I’m so glad she spoke up about it. It sounds a lot less “paranoid” coming from a shop owner with almost 40k sales. It’s funny that even she knows what all the “fuss” is about, yet others struggle to grasp the magnitude of the problems Etsy is facing (causing).

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