Etsy Administration Unaware of Poaching Emails

With reference to my last post and recent Etsy disturbances, Administration popped into the disturbance forum thread to deny that Etsy sends follow-up poaching emails to customers, instead calling the similiar items from different shops merely coincidental (from Rob White, emphasis added):

With regards to emails, I’m not aware of an email sent following checkout that offers suggested items to buyers…Emails sharing new items from one’s favorite shops are sent sometimes…you could see items similar to those in recent purchases you’ve made as a matter of coincidence.

Rob then asks members to forward suspected emails to him for review. I’ve got an idea, Rob. Why don’t you walk over and talk to the Personalization Team?  Geez. Its enough sellers provide customer support; but employee support? Get outta’ here!

(Where has Administration been? This poaching issue has been brought up in the forums more than once in the past couple of months.)

Then, Rob offered this reminder on saying the “C” word in the forums:

…the Etsy Forums are not the place to make remarks demeaning or detrimental to any race, ethnicity or nationality when posting here…It’s not okay to use any given nation as shorthand for any negative sentiment or idea, not here, not ever…

So, I agree that some of the comments were off-base; but the OP? Nope.


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