Etsy is Going to Save America

Hehehe. I think this little call-in favor from Etsy to Yahoo backfired. The charming little story (obviously churned out by Etsy PR)  on how Etsy, the “top marketplace for vintage and handmade goods” is going to put America back to work is titled: “Etsy: Putting America Back to Work One Knitted Potholder at a Time.” That title is so hilarious hoohoohoo….  even Etsy buddies are poking fun, and Etsy doesn’t get it!! The more the company tries to dig out of that shit hole it jumped into, the more ridiculous it looks. At least to those outside the company.

But Chad. Chad and his band of merry followers really believe this shit. They really think Etsy is going to save America. Hell. Save the world. And as Yahoo so cleverly stated, one (mass-produced) potholder at the time…. 

The most outrageous Etsy spin from the article is this comment on the recent “hit” to Etsy’s reputation:

…Etsy seems to have bounced back from any negativity…

Are they serious? 

Those people in Brooklyn are delusional.

The most telling quote from the article (emphasis added):

…(Etsy) in September launched a new program to both expand Etsy’s reach and help a faltering city grappling with skyrocketing unemployment...

Yep. That is what Etsy is all about. Expanding its reach (this time, into the pockets of the unemployed in a faltering city) and helping (preying on) the little guy to do so. Shame. On. You, Etsy. Shame on you.


5 thoughts on “Etsy is Going to Save America

  1. Well there are a lot of angry ex-Etsy’s out there and they’re [retty quick to pick up any Etsy spin as soon as it gets media coverage. And the result is always the same …. a whole lot of angry comments interspersed with a few Etsy “trolls” . You’d think Etsy would smarten up and it and not be so eager for publicity, They’re not getting very positive exposure as soon as the comments start comiing in. Silence would be the smarter.way to go.

  2. So agree that the smartest thing from Etsy right now would be silence in the media. But they are so desperate to recover their once wholesome reputation, they just can’t shut themselves up. From my perspective, they are doing a fine job!

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