More Stupid Shit

Slow down, Etsy. I’m having a hard time trying to keep up with all the stupid shit you all are doing….there are not enough hours in the day to cover it all…

Okay. So several months ago, at the request of an Etsy seller, a weekly question and answer session between Etsy users and administration was begun. This turned into enlightening, informative, and normally intelligent conversation between Etsy users and administration. Although administration sidestepped the big issues (imagine that), for the most part, they were forthcoming in sharing information, answering questions, and attempting to clear up misconceptions. I will even say the Q&A raised the forum bar, as it also seemed to raise the spirit of participants.

Etsy users were very encouraged and appreciative that administration was actively participating in the forum dialog, and many looked forward to getting weekly answers to some of the most pressing questions on current Etsy issues. It was even more encouraging when, in the Townhall Meeting, promises were made by administration to be more transparent and provide more open communication in the future.

Only weeks later – Where is the weekly Q&A?? Silence. Silence. More silence. And again, Where is the weekly Q&A… and more silence. Then, fiiiiiiiiinally…… Admin pops in, acknowledges the missing Q&As and promises future Q&As and…. hold on…. this is the scary part… an improved format. But before we get into the improved format, what was Administration’s excuse for the less-than-timely answer to the Q&A mystery?

From Kellan (with emphasis and snark added):

And of course the first acknowledgement is this update has not been particularly quick in coming (no it hasn’t, are you going to apologize?) (I’m administration. I don’t apologize, I blame.) Talking with a seller recently (OMG how admirable) I described this as the well known phenomena where a large group of folks make hard to do things easy, but can make easy to do things hard.


What? Say that again.

A large group of folks make easy to do things hard.” (The easy-to-do-things being providing a status update on the Q&A.)

Do you mean large group of folks as in Etsy users, or large group of folks as in Etsy administration? Think carefully, ’cause this ain’t gonna’ go down well.

If you mean large group of folks as in Etsy users, you are saying Etsy users made it hard for you to give a status update on the Q&A. That is. Beyond ludicrous.

If you mean large group of folks as in Etsy administration, you are saying your co-workers made it hard for you to give a status update on the Q&A. What did they do? Hide your password? Tie your hands? Mute you?

So, who is to blame?? Etsy users. Or Etsy employees? Hmmmm….

Maybe we’ll give benefit of the doubt, and assume you meant either Etsy users or Etsy employees made hard to do things easy; in this case – the hard to do things being providing a status update – and the made easy? Well, if it was made easy… why wasn’t it done immediately? Never mind. Benefit of the doubt retracted.

So now. That leads us to the improved format. And honestly. I can’t even write about that right now. I’m still flabbergasted by the absurdity behind what I just wrote.

Next post: improved format. Part II

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