It Might Be a Sign If…

(Thank you, Jeff Foxworthy, for inspiring this post.)

If you have been a Seller on Etsy for a year or longer and are asking any of these questions, or making any of these statements in the forums, it might be a sign you are not going to make it on Etsy….

What changes?

What is SEO?

What are tags?

What does traffic mean?

What is relevancy?

I can’t find my items in searchI’ve looked through 82 pages

Why haven’t I sold anything?

Woohoo! I just made my 2nd sale!

My views are way down! I normally get a least 6 a day...

-…but I have 26 items in my shop

What is a treasury?

10 Sales, and Here’s How I Did It… 

Another seller copied my pink bow exactly!

I’ve been muted

I just listed this vintage iphone case, and...

I lovelovelovelovelovelove Etsy!!!!!!!

Show me all your purple items… now let’s do pink…

When I quit my day job…

Who is Chad Dickerson?

When will MY items show up on the front page?

Anybody know where I can get more glitter?

The Chinese….

Somebody copied my Mickey Mouse ears..

-I can’t leave feedback for my buyer!!! Since when?

sweetiepiegirlyshop is selling Hello Kitty items. I am so tired of people who don’t follow the rules…

I have a question about my glue gun…

Hey Administration, get off your ass and….Administration, did you hear me?….Administration, wtf?

OMG! I just noticed sixteen different sellers selling the same necklace. Those can’t possibly be handmade… can they?

I just made my first sale… how do I….?

Damn buyer just left me a 4-star review….

Should I start making my Christmas items now?


2 thoughts on “It Might Be a Sign If…

  1. I used to sell on Etsy and haven’t even looked on the site for well over a year. Even before I found your blog (I was searching for stuff about the muted on Etsy – a old habit from years ago) I was saying same old same old just from a quick look on the forums – perfectly summed up by you. I was actually buying a did buy a few things so I haven’t quite given up on it. I still find the site infuriating as a buyer because of (in no particular order) a) tat, b) rip offs, c) copyright infringement, d) no info about you/it/anything useful, e) various search defaults, f) I can’t tell what it is coz it’s out of focus and g) the law breakers of the UK (a massive pet hate of mine – easily fixed, state you do it/have tested it etc and show your damn address.) Of course beautiful things to be had but I can also see a lot of missing Brit shops (people I know of from teams) so I can only presume the same in the rest of the world. People in the UK do know of Etsy but I have yet to meet anyone who has purchased from it, no one has ever heard of Zibbet, I don’t even know if the UK version of Etsy (I can’t even remember the name of it) is still going but people do know of Not On The High Street coz of loads of TV ads pre Christmas. Not quite the same in that it’s not all handmade but it is vetted inclusion for want of a better word and I am pleased that some Etsy friends are on there. Apparently Etsy UK are registered round the corner from where I work (near Moo UK much to my amusement) so maybe I’ll go and pay a visit but then again registered doesn’t mean that’s where the office is.

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