This Takes the (Cup) Cake

Shirley over at Yarnbarf passed this along, and it is just one more example of the absurdity that is Etsy.

In March 2010, PetitPlat Handmade was a Featured Seller on the Etsy blog. Fast forward to April, 2013 when PetitPlat received an email from Etsy giving her 5 days to prove her items were handmade, or else…   Read PetitPlat’s horror story firsthand on her blog where she was also brave enough to post the “confidential” emails from Etsy.

This also happened to once-featured-seller Sherry Truitt as exposed in this forum post (oops… lost the link… anybody got this??)

And to Quiltlover, whose work is hanging in the Etsy Office in Brooklyn.

Monika from QuiltLover 2:00 am Oct 30, 2013 EDT
there are 4 quilted panels hanging in the Brookly(n) Office, they spell ETSY and where commissioned and made by the members of the Quiltsy Team here on etsy. My name QUILTLOVER is on one of the labels on the back of one panel as a contributor… much for questioning “handmade”

6 thoughts on “This Takes the (Cup) Cake

  1. How in Hell do they justify, first of all, featuring a seller they don’t already know without a shadow of a doubt is handmade, secondly, going after her once she was already featured (where she *should* have been cleared as handmade) all whilst the the rest of us are DROWNING in fake-handmade junk?! I mean … Wha?

  2. Makes no sense, does it? Especially given the fact that Administration constantly uses the excuse of limited manpower in reviewing flagged shops. Seems they would use that manpower wisely. But this ruse serves the purpose of putting a positive spin on their integrity statistics (a prime example of how they manipulate the numbers to Etsy’s benefit.)

    I have a great conspiracy theory on this… to post soon.

  3. But the Cupcakes…. they don’t believe it. This morning in the forums there was a thread about shops being shut down (which was,of course shut down) and this comment was made:

    “I’m in compliance with the terms of the site. I have no reason to worry at all.”

    *Raise a glass to innocence and blind trust that will soon be shattered*

    • “I’m in compliance with the terms of the site. I have no reason to worry at all.”

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA … AAAAAHAHAHAHA … Stoppit, I can’t breathe!

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