Globalwide Interest in Etsy Shenanigans

Just taking a minute to say a big thank you to Rusetsy readers from across the globe. It is satisfying to know word is spreading about Etsy shenanigans!

Welcome to your new global economy, Etsy, where the little (wo)man will no longer be stepped on in silence by Big Corp.



(source: Rusetsy statistics)


6 thoughts on “Globalwide Interest in Etsy Shenanigans

  1. I have more stats from Russia and Saudi Arabia – odd – I do NOT ship to them and have never made a single sale to most of those countries on the list. I hope your blog starts reaching more people. I know I am linking in from my website and tweeting every single post. Btw yesterday I had a cancellation on a 68 dollar multi-line order craft sale and in 30 seconds the buyer wished to cancel. These see similar items caused it and I did not hold back asking the buyer about it.

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