Etsy’s Holiday Gift for You, Dear Seller.

red-bow-mdHo! Ho! Ho! Etsy arrives bearing a sweet little holiday gift for sellers, all tied up with a pretty red bow.

In response to the outcry for more fairness and diversity within Etsy features, Etsy has introduced the Holiday Promotions forum section allowing sellers to promote holiday items in themed threads. This is nothing more than sticking a pacifier in the seller mouth as sellers promoting to one another is, for the most part, a big time-waster. This merely serves as a distraction to keep the little Etsy seller from realizing he or she is not represented on the front page, in the Etsy finds, on the Etsy FB page, the Etsy blog, or in the local Whole Foods.  Or, in browse or search, for that matter.

Bah humbug, Etsy. Keep your gift.


One thought on “Etsy’s Holiday Gift for You, Dear Seller.

  1. This makes me gag. Check out the first page of treasuries. I did. Twenty two listings featured the same eight sellers repeatedly. And those sellers produced their OWN Treasuries to focus on EACH other. I don’t want to call out names. But check out that damned felted “catbed” which is a constant fixture. Then the “nursing necklace” … whatever those weird things are. Then the rolled up dyed silk scarf, And the ceramic masks, Same-O

    Then look and see what teams these people belong to. Yep. There are Treasury TEAMS in which the sole purpose is to make treauries and feature each other. Sort of like ” you heart me and I’ll heart you back” scam. Oh Etsy loves this stuff. It makes people feel busy.

    Secret here. Forget about all that crap. The hearts and treasuries and favorites. Get your own website up and running, create a blog featuring your items, post yourself and your links anywhere you can. And use ETSY for your shopping cart. Nothing more.

    The cost of your listings is minimal. So go ahead and list. But make sure any links you create to Etsy go to the SPECIFIC item in your shop. Don’t give the main page link. Or YOUR potential customer will be strong-armed into the Treasuries and other “similar” items.

    Then when you get get a customer, offer them a coupon for their next purchase IF they buy directly or from your blog.

    USE Etsy. They’re using US.

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