Etsy Changed Its Policy, So What?

More veiled publicity from Etsy!

Etsy Changed Its Policy. So What?  published on two weeks ago, was written by Sara Stroman, Etsy seller-turned-designer, and former Etsy intern. Sara hasn’t recovered from the koolaid overdose of her internship and paints one rosy little picture of Etsy, even admitting to a “long love affair” with the site. Yes. Really. She did say that. Was she drooling? I think so. Were there hands involved? No. No hands were involved. I heard it was… with machinery… and they did it in a…. factory. No shit? No, really; but don’t breathe a word, it is hush-hush.

Anyhow. Rusetsy understands the “so what” attitude of this seller. Sara opened her handmade stationery shop on Etsy in 2009, and six months later, tired of printing from her computer, enlisted the help of printing professionals even though she says… “(a) lot of makers, like me, thought you could not have any assistance at all.”  Sara is quick to point out that she still adds the glitter and glue to her cards, but hopes to one day have an assistant take on this task.

Sara, using what must be a learned Etsy tactic, says the new guidelines aren’t the problem; the problem is “misguided fear” from sellers. In an effort to soothe sellers’ fear and guide them in the right direction, Sara says:

Rather than hurting small artisans like me, Etsy’s new policy gives small businesses the resources they need to grow and still remain a part of the site. Etsy opened an opportunity for me that would have taken countless more hours and dollars to do on my own.

In other words, under the new guidelines, Sara’s shop is now legal where it wasn’t before. (And she was an Etsy intern.) Of course she can ask so what? For her, it is just business as usual, and redefining handmade an “opportunity.”

These bozos are coming out of the woodwork. And I don’t believe for a minute that Sara Stroman didn’t get a little push to write this article. Which, by the way:

The Daily Beast is owned by IAC, and one Sonali De Rycker is on the company’s Board of Directors. Sonali De Rycker is also a partner with…… take a guess……………………

Accel Partners.

‘Nuff said.


11 thoughts on “Etsy Changed Its Policy, So What?

  1. “Rather than hurting small artisans like me, Etsy’s new policy gives small businesses the resources they need to grow and still remain a part of the site”

    But what if all you wanted was to continue to make sales the way you HAD been making sales? $200, $200 a month?

    People like me have gotten BURIED by the influx of cheap Chinese shit, and by whatever fuck-with Etsy’s programmers have done to the search function so that my stuff isn’t even getting found any more.

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