Those Numbers Don’t Look So Good

Almost 1,000,000 Etsy sellers…

…and where are the multitude Etsy changed the guidelines, and the definition of handmade, to accommodate? The ones who needed the manufacturing assistance so as not to stifle their growth? Are they so busy they haven’t yet had time to apply for manufacturing assistance? With less than six weeks remaining to submit an application, only about 500* (possibly more)  have been reviewed;  and only about 225** have been approved.

Those numbers don’t look so good. Besides the fact that less than 50% of sellers who apply don’t get approved, come January 1st, there is going to be a massive log jam of applications… or,

is there?

*From, November 7th:  Etsy reports 500 applications have been reviewed

**From Q&A with Administration, November 21st: Etsy PR states about 225 applications have been approved

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