That Bug’s Still Crawling


Why doesn’t Etsy let its’ customers know when there is a site problem or “bug?”  Wouldn’t quality customer service and respect for ones’ customers dictate that Etsy give a heads up on known issues instead of allowing its’ customers to find out the hard way… through the problems and difficulties brought on by the bug???

The latest example of this nonsense approach to customer service is recent site issues with no available, or inaccurate, tracking information. Several members have posted about this in bugs only to have administration do a “post and run.”

Hi folks, I have been speaking with the team on this. Presently, we do have data issues between Etsy and the USPS on the tracking pages, and I have learned we will be trying to address this and make it more reliable. Of course, you can always click through to the USPS page for updated info, but we think we can greatly improve our tracking data and we thank you for your patience as we work this through.

Ten days later. That bug is still crawling, and still no answer.

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