Sherry’s Post and WTF?

I so love this forum post by Sherry Truitt and have followed along as others have commented. Catching up on the thread, I was floored to read the comments from a little sassy pants designer spewing the virtues of Etsy at Sherry, and explaining to Sherry how to better run her business. One especially offensive remark, “you may not fully understand the process that goes into running a business like Etsy…”  WTF??? ” Then. Sassy suggested Sherry “get some sleep.” Whew, a real brow-wiper. Good thing I’m already banned.

Hey, but I have this blog and can say here whatever damn well crosses my mind. So this is for you miss sassy pants:

How dare you flounce into Sherry’s thread and start shaking your finger in her face!! Shame. Shame. Sherry is a very successful business owner and long time, and dearly loved, Etsy seller. She knows Etsy, and she knows her shit. So. BACK OFF. Go oversee your manufacturer or design some new maker ware or something. Better hurry, Alibaba is on your heels.

And go apologize to Sherry.

P.S.  Didn’t you say you run a marketing company? Well, you need to hire yourself. Your avatar looks like something from a bad late-night infomercial.


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