The Month Before Christmas

santa‘Twas the month before Christmas
and through the Etsy-house
not a checkout was stirring
nor even a felt mouse

Chevron stockings all hung
on the front page with care
in hopes that buyers soon would be there

The sellers were tangled
all up in their threads
while visions of sales
danced through their poor heads.

And Chad in his Board chair
the VCs in theirs
looking for profit
from Etsy maker wares.

When out on the net
There arose such a chatter
Chad sprang from his seat
to see what was the matter

Away to the computer
He flew like a flash
tore open the windows
to count all the cash

The light on the logo
gave lustre below
where were the dollars he had come
to so lovingly know?

When what
to his wandering eyes
should appear
but a very big factory
and all became clear

Now lala
Now lucky
Now kaka
Now pearl
On meggie
On gem
On bubble
prom girl

To the top of the browse
and the search for you all
now dash away, dash away
business too small.

As Chad drew in his head
And was turning around
In the floodgate Mr. Wang
Came with a bound.

Dressed all in faux fur
prom dresses galore
statement necklaces dangling
from head to the floor

A wink of his eye
and a nod of his head
gave Chad to know
he had nothing to dread

He spoke not a word
but went straight to his work
and pilfered the stockings
then turned to the Jerk

And giving the finger
to handmakers abroad
out the floodgate he went
to continue his fraud.

We heard him exclaim
as he fled from the site
Merry Christmas dear Etsy.
it’s been a good night.

©2013 Rusetsy

Santa skipping Etsy this year?

Not the norm for holiday sales…


8 thoughts on “The Month Before Christmas

  1. Thank goodness my coffee is still brewing. Otherwise I’d be bailing out my keyboard. At the same time, I feel a bit bad for laughing at what may be a serious economic hit for many hard-working and talented sellers on Etsy.

  2. I am one of the shops hit hard by Etsy’s newest policies. After tremendous growth of my business in 2012, in this year, the sharp nosedive has forced me to “go back to my day job”. If I’ve had to do it, I wonder how many others have also had to put their business on the back burner in favor of say…. paying the rent.

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