Strange, Odd, Unexplainable?


Strange and odd, yes. Unexplainable, no. Those buyers made purchases from your shop….. then uh! oh!… during the checkout process, Etsy showed them similar items … from other shops…

Rusetsy cannot believe more sellers are not up in arms about this Etsy poaching technique. What is only-a-venue-Etsy doing in your checkout process?? If you had a brick and mortar, would you allow your landlord to stand at the check-out line and lure away your customers to competitor products?? Hell no, you would not! Strange and odd. Strange and odd.

Etsy Poaching Complaint


3 thoughts on “Strange, Odd, Unexplainable?

  1. I’m not happy about the poaching techniques. I have some “data” if you would care to see my screenshots of etsy driving the traffic out of my shop. Just drop me a memo somewhere if you want to see “see similar items” gone wrong 🙂 (very wrong) HA

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