Cloudy With a Chance of Ròu wán

Etsy released the October weather report last week. Yawn. The only telling statistics from the report are the number of member comments…. a paltry 17, with 3 from one user. Etsy sellers obviously have lost interest in the numbers that say nothing.

ETA: The number of member comments is up… mostly from the cupcakes ooing and aahing… my, Etsy, what BIG numbers you have…

One reasonable voice:

Joe Papendick from joepapendick says:

A 7.8% increase in the number of new items listed should, at the very least, result in a 7.8% increase in items sold. As far as the average Etsy seller is concerned, that would amount to treading water. It wouldn’t be making a dent in the existing inventory, but it would at least mean that unsold goods weren’t accumulating. As it stands these numbers show that new inventory again outpaced sales. Any increase in the total size of the pie is good news for Etsy. Unfortunately these numbers continue to show that the average seller’s slice of that pie is diminishing. That’s a shame!

Thank you Joe!

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