Varying Search Results from User to User

I think most Etsy sellers assume everyone gets the same results from Etsy search. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.  You and I could both search Etsy using the same term, but what I see in search results and what you see in search results could be totally different.

Here is an experiment done by one Etsy user:

Cara Link from lynxrus5 2:14 pm Nov 11, 2013 EST

Just posted this in the “Bugs” section or the forum. You may want to read others responses. Sounds like it’s a common problem!
November 1-11, 2012
Views :1467
Sales: 23

November 1-11, 2013
Views: 680
Sales: 7

I have run a search on the keywords for my most popular items from my main computer. The product shows up on the first page. I go to a different computer, don’t log in with my ID, and search the same keywords and I can’t find my item anywhere. I called my mother to have her run the search on her computer and she can’t find my items either.

How is this possible? Why when I’m logged in using MY ID do I see my items (and not many at that). They used to litter the first and second pages – now only one item in the first 14 pages, but when I go to a different computer and don’t log in can’t I find my items any where? I’ve gotten to page 24 without ever seeing my items.

I honestly think there must be something up. November and December are USUALLY crazy months for me (up most of the night stamping to get the orders completed) and this year they are basically non-existent!

Has anyone else had this problem?

Lee Cummings from BloominLuvly 1:28 pm Nov 11, 2013 EST
Hello Cara.

I am in Spain and I did a search of the first 5 pages using “Grandma necklace”.


Page 1 : 1 item found.
Page 2 : 3 items.
Page 3 : 2 items.
Page 4 : 2 items.
Page 5 : 2 items.

So you CAN be found from where I am sitting. I hope this helps.

Lee :>)

Rusetsy did a search for “Grandma necklace” at 2:20 est 11/11 (pages 1-10):

Page 1: 1 item

Page 5: 1 item

Page 6: PAID AD

Page 10: 1 item


One thought on “Varying Search Results from User to User

  1. I’ve started doing this myself a couple days ago and run into the same problem. I cannot find my items anywhere in the search results. I found one of my cards once on page 15. It’s no wonder sales are horrible these days.

    Of course I’ve probably been shunned by etsy and my items locked away from the search algorithm lol.

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