Not so long ago….

…on the Etsy blog….

from September, 2011:

Noted: Slavery Footprint

also from September, 2011:

The Story of Supplies

A comment from The Story of Supplies:

Yes this story was posted a little while back and swiftly taken down after the barrage of truthful, yet critical, comments appeared. I will state again what I said previously: I believe this article is just another attempt for Etsy to package Chinese suppliers and resellers as purveyors of “handmade” goods. It also completely ignores the probable use of child labor and unsafe working conditions utilized by many of these “suppliers”. Etsy is no longer a handmade marketplace, but rather just another venue by which to obtain unethically made Chinese wares.


2 thoughts on “Not so long ago….

  1. A shopper could ideally bypass shops that are factory produced merchandise, shipping from the country of origin. But for years Etsy has had a growing number of shops in North America selling factory items as handmade by them, even altering the materials list and jacking up their prices to make their “transparency” story more plausible. So a factory produced polyester scarf becomes a handmade silk scarf, and a plastic bead statement necklace (like the ones mentioned here) becomes crystal, etc. Because of Etsy’s lack of integrity, all items have become suspect. And that is so unfair.

  2. I didn’t know they ran the “Made In China” story again a month later renaming it “The Story of Supplies”. It didn’t go over so well the first time, but it was strange that they removed it. I tried to stay away from the blog posts and the forums for a while, the etsy groupies can get quite nasty if they don’t like what you comment.

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