More Empty Promises?

From Kellan: Q&A thread next week, plus some tweaks going forward

Most interesting (emphasis added):

As we announced in the Etsy Town Hall meeting, we’ll be doing regular town hall meetings beginning early next year — that is where we’ll be talking to you about what we’re working on and some of what is coming down the pike.

Rusety thinks there is a major announcement and/or change coming in January … then all of these recent changes will make perfect sense… Hold on to your seats, Etsians. Come January, things are going to get very interesting in Etsyville.


One thought on “More Empty Promises?

  1. Only one way to go … they’re going to have to make separate categories for handmade and “collective”. Why the management hasn’t figured out that this could only be a win-win for Etsy, I don’t know. It would quell the handmade revolt and offer TWO opportunities for the money grabbers. Plus get the heat off.

    Wake up guys …. the solution is staring you in the face. As both buyer and seller, I can tell you that I sometimes dhop for “cheap” and sometimes for ” quality ” … and my wallet accomodates both according to the product and my reason fro purchasing.

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