Etsy, Where the Hell Is Support?

This was posted in Bugs OVER A WEEK AGO:

All of my listing in my shop sudden disappear?

Hello All,I was wondering suddenly all of my listing ready for sell, they’re all disappearing? Are there’s some seller encounter the same problem?
From Administration, a week ago:
Hi Eden!Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are actively looking into this to determine what might have happened.Thank you for your patience!
Thank you so much for the help of your team, I hope the problem will be solved soon.
It is day 7 after Administration chimed in, and guess what? Still no listings for Eden. And,
Help! Me too!! About 90 listings are suddenly GONE!! Not under expired, inactive, etc just gone. This is my busiest time of year, this is so frustrating. They were all there last night, where are they now?? I can’t imagine having to recreate 90 unique listings. Help!!!!!!Kristen
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