Aw Snap! Etsy Crashes in Chrome. From January to November.

Looks like this continuing issue with buyers and sellers getting the “Aw Snap” message and/or the Chrome Crash has not yet been resolved:

(Jan thru July)

(June thru October)

(June thru November)


(Admin) Have you tried to clear your cache? Other members have found that this helps.

(Etsy user): We [and more importantly our customers] should not have to clear the cache or switch browsers to view or work on Etsy. That’s unrealistic. Chrome is a major browser and Etsy needs to be cross-platform compatible.

(Admin) …We have not been able to reproduce this error on our end. As such, we have asked that you first clear your cache to see if that clears up the issue. For some of you that has worked. Others have reported that using a browser other than Chrome allows you to proceed with error. If you can continue to post on what is working, we can begin to isolate the issue.

Thanks again for your patience!

(Admin) I’m so sorry to hear these errors are so persistent.

This is a message that Chrome will throw up when it encounters an error. We’ve heard other reports of this trouble and found that it’s isolated to people using Chrome and Windows XP SP2. Fortunately this is a relatively rare combination amongst people browsing on Etsy.

You can find solutions that Chrome offers in these circumstances here:

We’re still investigating to see what we can do to help resolve this situation. I would recommend keeping your browser updated so you can quickly receive any fixes that Chrome is able to release to fix this up.

I hope this sheds some light on what you’re seeing and that this clears up soon!

(Admin) …We understand your concerns and we’re actively investigating these error messages. At this time I unfortunately don’t have much detail. It’s been a bit tricky for us to recreate the “Aw Snap” errors, which makes it particularly difficult to determine if this is an issue on our end, or Chrome’s.

Please bear with us as we continue to dig in, and certainly let us know if you notice improvements.


(Admin) Unfortunately I don’t have any further updates on this right now. Sorry to hear it’s still an issue!


(Admin) …We see that IE issue when a member has a program called ShopAtHome installed. See if you can uninstall that and restart your computer and see if IE starts working for you again. Thanks!


I have been having this issue since the update too, for months now. I could view general Etsy page, or store pages but not individual listings..then “aw snap”. I am also windows xp 2002 with service pack 2.
Starting today, whatever change was made means I can now no longer view Etsy at ALL. without Aw snap.
I tried to make purchases from several stores about two weeks ago and ended up only being able to purchase from stores that could invoice me through paypal outside Etsy since I could not view or purchase at all through chrome or use the ad to cart button through IExplorer. I went through all the hassle because I had looked at the items on my home computer and new exactly what I wanted. But could only use sellers I had already started messaging so I could respond through my email. I would say there were at least 5 purchases I did not make due to this issue. And I did everything. Finally had to get firefox and it worked but slow on my version of windows.
I spent at least 2 hrs trying to make the 3 purchases I was able to make. I know anyone out there with chrome who wasn’t dedicated would have given up long before I did.
That was all before today and now etsy and chrome will not work together at all. No support options available through Chrome.
This is a big problem. I can’t list anything. It is the holidays. What is up?


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