My, What a Cozy Group

I find this very interesting and hope you will too. Here is a snip from Google maps showing the New York City locations of:

Etsy, Inc. @ 55 Washington Street

Union Square Ventures @ 915 Broadway

Accel Partners @ 111 8th Avenue

Cozy little group, aren’t they?

new york
So what is located at 66 West Broadway?

Located at 66 West Broadway is a casting and research firm, Strickman-Ripps, Inc. (Go ahead and check them out, but do come back.) Today a casting call was put out by a representative of Strickman-Ripps, Inc. in the Etsy forums:

Casting Commercial! ATTN: Etsy Members looking to go FULL-Time with their business!

Obviously a promotional post that is not allowed in Etsy forums, so the original post was duly deleted by Administration, and the topic closed. But interestingly enough, the promotional live link to the casting call application was left up in this very short thread. An oversight on the part of Administration? I don’t think so.

From one insightful Etsy member:

Hmmm…. I wonder if a large company that recently announced what turned out to be an unpopular shift in their business model is looking to launch a PR campaign…..
What do you think, dear reader? Is Etsy, Inc. going to spend advertising dollars to spin some positive PR? May be. ‘Cause they sure aren’t getting it for free anymore.

2 thoughts on “My, What a Cozy Group

  1. Interesting catch with the casting call thread. It does seem like Etsy is doing some kind of PR push. Check out the Forums on Zibbet for some links to more Etsy PR, but mind the cupcake sugar blast. Zibbet has their own smiley face pep squad going strong, with the site’s founders pushed into the role of World Saviors of Handmade.

    But those business addresses in NYC are not really connected. Any business name you can think of has a location there, so the entire global marketplace is cozied-up in a few square miles. Now if you find a bunch of other businesses that share the identical address as one of Etsy’s office locations, that would mean something.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the location, LDW. I just imagined that the size of New York City would mean finding businesses more spread out within the city; false assumption (ignorance) on my part!

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