Coffee With Your Cupcake?

cupcake1Sweet little Etsy cupcakes, time to wake up and smell the coffee. Rusetsy knows you just luurrve Etsy, but think little cupcake, think.

You may have a successful Etsy business now, but that can be yanked out from under you at a moments’ notice. Don’t believe Rusetsy? Ask some of the long-time successful Etsy sellers whose businesses have recently taken a major nosedive. Ask some of those Quit-Your-Day-Job sellers who can no longer pay the mortgage. Seek out and ask questions of those sellers who have been forever banned from the forums (some of who were top sellers in their category). Ask what else happened along with being muted: Were they effectively wiped out of ever being found on Etsy?

But, of course, that won’t happen to you, little cupcake, will it? Because your business is doing just fine and dandy, with a cherry on top. After all, you are going to follow the rules and be a good Etsy cupcake, so there is no likelihood that what happened to those sellers will happen to you. Okay. Well come back and talk to Rusetsy after your category is overrun and ruled by resellers. Even though some categories, like bath and body, crochet and others, have been reseller-free zones, the resellers are creeping into your category as we speak. And if you care about your business, you are eventually going to feel the need to speak out. For the sake of survival.

Or maybe not. Maybe you will be an Etsy cupcake forever.

Bless your little sweet soul.

4 thoughts on “Coffee With Your Cupcake?

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