Etsy to Join Forces With Chinese Wowsai??

What is Wowsai? Wowsai is the Chinese equivalent of Etsy, the two companies sharing a common philosophy. From the Wowsai About Page (as translated):

Each one handmade and original design behind the product, there is a beautiful story.We hope that this story was more people to see, to be more people hear.

We are adhering to “discover the beauty of the original” concept, convinced that “you, that designer”, deep original design, art areas, the effort to build personalized products shopping first stop.

According to an August, 2013 article from Marbridge Daily, “…Etsy has reportedly begun negotiations with Wowsai in regards to a potential partnership in the China market.”



2 thoughts on “Etsy to Join Forces With Chinese Wowsai??

  1. Wow is all I can say. I know that you asked about Accel Partners was influencing Etsy policy with regard to China and were told by Kellan they have no influence on what Etsy does. I think you need to post another query to them in the fourms clearly not the case.

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