Etsy Seller Says the “C” Word & A Frank Conversation About Resellers

OMG! An Etsy seller said the “C” word! again.

Hi Everyone, We understand that members ultimately want to protect our shared marketplace and we want to preserve the authenticity of Etsy as much as you do. We believe the new guidelines open doors to more authentic makers – not resellers or people who have no intentions of being connected to the design or creation of what they want to sell on Etsy. Corinne addressed some of the challenges related to reselling and what the Trust and Safety team is doing about it in this recent blog article: I found the numbers presented on the new Integrity page really helpful as well. You can check that out here: As always, when discussing difficult topics it is important that we not associate one country or part of the world with guidelines violations out of respect for our global community. Additionally, we can’t use the Forums as a method of reporting. As many of you have done, we ask that members report any violations they find on the site by flagging a shop or listing. Thanks for understanding – – –
About that blog article. Etsy members have been screaming about resellers forever, and the issue has never been thoroughly addressed by Administration until THE SAME DAY THE NEW GUIDELINES WERE INTRODUCED.
In the article, Corinne says, “Reselling is buying an item and selling it unchanged as if it were your handmade creation.On Etsy, that’s not allowed. That rule is not changing with our new Guidelines.”
Oh Corinne, Corinne, Corinne. I do believe your pants are on fire.
Your article basically says that Resellers are not the problem; Sellers are.
The problem is lack of understanding on the part of Sellers: “…As our policies grew more lengthy and complex, it was harder to understand how Etsy defined handmade…”
The problem is frustrated members: “This situation frustrated many Etsy members.”
The problem is confounded sellers: “That may be confounding to members who feel certain that shops or items that they have flagged are breaking the rules.”
The problem is challenged sellers: “Trendy items that are simple to make, like bubble necklaces or iPhone cases, can challenge our personal definitions of handmade.”
The problem is close-minded sellers: “but it also means community members need to keep an open mind about other sellers’ methods and choices…”
No. Corinne. The problem is resellers.

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