Hey Etsy, Where’s Our Dialogue???

Remember this Announcement from back in October (emphasis added)?

Thanks so much engaging with these policies in such a rigorous and thoughtful way. You’ve brought up many important issues, and we are carefully thinking them through so that we can make the Guidelines better. We’re working on it, and will be back in touch when those updates are ready to share.

No matter how much research and thought and discussion goes into a change like this, it is impossible to predict and prepare for every nuance of enforcement. This is just the beginning of an ongoing dialogue with you, our community. We ask that you be patient with us while we learn from you to figure out how we can best accommodate your needs and grow together.

Friday Q&A – MIA Again


The Friday Question & Answer session with Etsy Administration is Missing in Action again this week. And again, with no word on why, or if and when the feature will return. So much for transparency and improved communication between Administration and Etsy users!

Here are some very important issues that need to be answered by Administration:

Is the Friday Q&A now a thing of the past?

When will the Integrity Team begin closing down some of the obvious Reseller shops?

What is the cause in the sudden drop in views and sales of many long-time, successful sellers, and others?

Will Etsy continue to close down shops that do not give refunds on custom orders EVEN WHEN PAYPAL HAS SIDED WITH THE SELLER AND CLOSED THE CASE?





When will I find out if I need the manufacturing disclosure? I’ve asked, but can’t get a clear answer.


“Will there be new rules to replace the Do’s and Dont’s, or is it now a case of ‘anything goes’?”

Why is Etsy spamming our buyers during the checkout process?


-If a Seller does not opt-in to have a “coupon email” sent to customers after a sale, does Etsy automatically send a “check-out-the-competion email” to  customers?



I’m sure there are many other questions begging to be answered. What would YOU like to know the answer to?


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