Sellers, We Trust You To Be Honest. Just Not With Our Money.

The peeps over at Etsy Headquarters seem to be having a small issue with rounding up all the money paid out via double deposits to some Seller DC accounts a couple of weeks ago. Many sellers recently received an email from Etsy stating their bank account would be debited for a double deposit these sellers never received.  It appears Etsy Administration has no clue as to who got a double deposit and who didn’t (emphasis added):

Joe Blossom3:56 pm Nov 8, 2013 EST

Hi All,
We’d like to provide an update here and hope to quell some of your concerns around the email some of you received earlier today. We’ve been working diligently with our bank on the double deposit issue that affected a small number of sellers in October. Our main concern here was to accurately identify the sellers who received the double deposit.Based on your feedback, it appears that the list of sellers we believed to be affected may not have received the duplicate deposit, and we want you to know that we will NOT be taking any action at this time.
No action should be taken. Etsy is trusting of their Sellers to be honest about their work product; why not trust them to return money that doesn’t belong to them??

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