QP Jewelers, Gone But Not Forgotten

If you were following this Etsy forum post by QPJewelers from November 6th, 8:02 a.m.,  QPJewelers’ original post was removed and QP disappeared from the site sometime before noon on November 7th. And Etsy Sellers were reminded to “be respectful to all members of the Etsy community.” (I have to ask: how respectful is it to remove someone’s post??)

Did Etsy close QP down, or did they leave on their own accord?

I’m guessing the shop was closed by Etsy to give Sellers a little hope that more will follow. But then again, that was an awful big advertising budget the company was bringing in…  QP may resurface in the near future.



One thought on “QP Jewelers, Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. I believe that they were removed after so many of the community reported the thread the shop and the web site. This was the response I got from Etsy Integrity “Please know that our new Guidelines don’t allow mass manufacturers to open shops and sell items they had no hand in designing. Instead, the Guidelines allow designers to get outside assistance to bring their designs to life”
    However if the shop in question had never foolishly come to forums for advise no one would have been the wiser

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