Etsy in the News, Again

This news story from Businessweek (dated November 7) reveals some very telling information about how the manufacturing approval process is going on Etsy (emphasis added):

“One of the flaws about the way we were working up until this point is that information about how things are made … was basically optional,” Dickerson adds. Now sellers interested in the new program must apply and get approval from Etsy, which says it will carefully review applications500 so far—to keep out resellers or manufacturers of mass-produced goods.

Only 500?  I’d be willing to bet those 500 are legitimate, honest, independent craftsfolk, and not reseller one!  Looks like come January Etsy Integrity will have its’ hands full. All six of them

And as for this comment from Chad, I can only shake my head in dismay:

Sellers who violate the rules aren’t a big problem, Dickerson says. “We really trust the sellers at large.”



One thought on “Etsy in the News, Again

  1. “Etsy Integrity” is an oxymoron. Let’s not forget it was the Marketplace Integrity Director herself, Sarah Abramson, seated at the far left on the Panel, who stated that designers can be hired (1:02 in the Town Hall video). In other words, according to Etsy’s dishonest and deceptive definition of “handmade,” not only can items be mass-produced in factories (which will inevitably include slave labor sweat shops in third world countries), the shop owner doesn’t even have to design the item themself! They can now hire designers, have the items mass-produced in factories, and then drop shipped from another location – and still call the item “handmade.” That’s “Etsy Integrity.”

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