Numbers, numbers, what are those numbers??

The Etsy forum was alive today with the same question over and over and over…. what are those numbers showing up on my icon??? No mention of this new feature in Etsy Announcements. Just whoop, there it is! Sellers have figured out this is the number of open shop orders; as always, some are happy with the new feature, some are not.

As one Seller lamented… “I thought there were not going to be any more changes during the holidays….”


ETA: Finally, Administration has the answer:

Hi there! What you saw (the count of open orders over your shop icon) was a feature that exists on the mobile web site, and shouldn’t have appeared on the desktop site. To correct this issue, we’ve removed it from the desktop site. We’re really sorry for any confusion, but we appreciate your patience and understanding as we worked to resolve this behind the scenes.

iconno iconno2

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