Etsians Welcome New Sellers (Not)

An interesting forum post from a new Etsy seller:

qpjewellers from QPJewellers8:02 am Nov 6, 2013 EST

Hello Folks,Currently we spend over £350,000.00 per year on Google Adwords for our flagship store, sounds expensive but it gives a huge ROI and we’re happy with that.We understand search ads and we’re keen to go bullish on the Etsy advertising platform but we are not allowed to spend more that $42 per week.When will this limit increase?
Has anyone had an increase from Etsy?
Does it depend on payment history or something?With Christmas around the corner we should all be jostling for position and spending on aggressive advertising.



Some of the (soon-to-be-deleted) dialog:

Jennifer from cutiegirlie8:30 am Nov 6, 2013 EST

are items made in the UK?
We have items crafted in the UK and the USA.
just wondering how you can make so much by hand. With an ad budget as high as you mentioned – you must be making many millions of dollars worth of jewelry to justify this expense.
All of our items are hand crafted to extremely high standards using processes which have been developed for many years. We operate on a ‘made to order’ basis which means we do not necessarily need to carry a vast inventory – despite this, our total lead time for each order is 5 days max (worldwide).
how many “workers” do you have? I am intrigued. You must have hundreds! I am calculating (using your ad budget as a guide) that you must have millions in sales, so you must have a lot of people making your products. I am figuring that you must have $5M in sales, thats a ton of items per day.
You haven’t filled out the “about” section in your shop – that might answer some of my questions.
Just think you items look “store bought” not the handmade jewelry I buy on Etsy. good luck!
QP, you do not seem to want to understand what are the sellers here saying. Etsy is for crafters who handmade their products. I was doing the math as Jennifer pointed out, your sales must be in millions to allow such a huge ad budget. That means your operation must be huge. Etsy is for small mom and pop outfits. Well mostly mom:)
sorry to go on so, but just one last question. Are your items “assembled” by you i.e. add a chain to the necklace? do you cut the stones, and mount them to the setting? just asking…..
Sophie from AmuletteJewelry8:31 am Nov 6, 2013 EST

Etsy doesn’t seem like the right place for your business, if you’re spending that much on google advertising. This website is really meant for small businesses, not “critically acclaimed and world renowned” ones as your website says.
If Etsy was to make a positive return on investment then it should not be ignored, despite the size of the business in question. That methodology has lead to our relative success, and we must continue.
actually that’s not true. Etsy now allows sellers to use manufacturers.
I was under the impression you had to apply to use manufacturers? At least by January.
this is the new etsy…
More information about this jewelry companyAnd this one – one and the same? Or just same products?
Article from ecommercebytes.

3 thoughts on “Etsians Welcome New Sellers (Not)

  1. So disheartening. A company with obviously a million dollar ad budget opening a shop on Etsy. If they had not come to the forums asking a question how would you know. Their shop has a discrete 100 items while their commercial web site boasts 10,000 as they list their inventory. As I posted to Rob in the forums that the Etsy ads they have done to showcase what he calls OAK artists were lovely It will probably be the last time these artists are seen as they get buried beyond page 250 come January…. I guess sooner than that.

    • Wow! Designing 8,000 pieces of jewelry (he is described as the “owner” of the Etsy shop on the About page), serving as the Managing Director of the U.K. office of QP Jewellers, a multi-million dollar enterprise, AND ranking 2nd Seed in Office Foosball! That OP is one busy guy! It’ll be very telling to see how Etsy handles this one. Keep those of us who’ve left posted!

  2. Love your post on re-sellers. And don’t forget this one!!! My wife wanted a pair of lace boot socks from here. So I go on Etsy to order, and there are literally dozens of vendors selling the exact same ones. And since I had some free time on my hands, I deceided to visit Alibaba and look for these mass produced items. I even contacted the “made in China” vendors, and verified these people were customers. If this is not re-selling, what is????? These were by no means made to order, and you betcha that I sent them back as soon as they arrived. “Melissa” offered me a refund asap in return for “changing my review mentioning China”…. balh blah blah,,,

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