Etsy Browse: How the Game Has Changed

Etsy Sellers should not overlook the importance of the new front page. This is the page new buyers to Etsy first encounter.  Now that the old front page is less significant to the new buyer,  it will eventually become less significant to the Etsy seller, and having an item featured on the “front page” will take on a new meaning.  As there is no way, prior to signing up, for new buyers to access the old front page or categories, all roads now lead to Browse, and Browse will continue to take center stage. Unfortunately for sellers, there is no guarantee items will ever be included in this quasi-curated feature.

Member favorites also play an important role on the new front page and, in my opinion, these are destined to replace treasuries.  I would watch for “favorites teams” to start replacing many of the “treasury teams,” and this will eventually lead to those teams once again “owning” prime Etsy real estate.

The changeover to the Browse experience,  the new front page, new feedback system, and new guidelines have forever changed the Etsy game. Are you still playing?


3 thoughts on “Etsy Browse: How the Game Has Changed

  1. Still playing coming in to the strongest quarter of the year I admire those that moved on. That is not to say I haven’t been working on diversifying my business with my own site exploring other venues and revenue streams but it takes time. I can only work on what I can control I am curious to know what change if any you are hopping to effect or to what purpose?

  2. I emptied both my Etsy shops in May 2013, so I am no longer playing.
    Surprised you did not mention the new “experiment” or “test” being used in Browse, where Etsy staff curators add different category tags above the category the seller has chosen for their item (making up to 19 tags in all) to include the item in an irrelevant browse section. There were a few forum threads about this, but cannot find them.

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