The Question That Can’t Be Answered

Rusetsy has a question for you, dear Etsy, knowing it is one you could not, would not, will not answer.

Everybody knows your current love is China.

And you are forever defending China in the forums….

…constantly reminding others to show kindness and respect to the Chinese…

…labeling as a xenophobe anyone who questions the authenticity of any Chinese handmades….

…and assuring the integrity of many Chinese shops who have been continuously flagged by the community.

So why Etsy… do you seldom feature Chinese handmades on your front page? in your finds? on your FB page? in the gift guides?  Why do we not see more Chinese as featured sellers? Why, when Chinese shops are such a big part of the Etsy landscape do you, yourself ignore them? Why the hyprocrisy?


About Those Stickers…

Don’t know where I came across the link to this thread from back in February, but it is just too funny to keep to myself. If you followed the link to the shop in question, you may have noticed it is a 4.5-star shop. Did you read the reviews? That new feedback system works really well.

Over 5000 sales in a year… a cool little $100,000…



Go Getsy!

Rusetsy will be doing a weekly feature on one awesome Etsy product. This week’s featured Go Getsy is….

the ugliest of the ugly Christmas sweaters. Shoppers must be all about the ugly this year. Since opening in October: 240 sales @ $60 avg. = $14,400 SINCE OCTOBER. Ain’t nothing ugly about that! 

Go Getsy your sweatshirt! And don’t forget to buy batteries!!







Notice: If your product is featured here, and you prefer it not be, please contact me and I will immediately remove the photo snip and accompanying link.

Rusetsy Products For Sale

Dear readers, having generally refrained from inundating you with my handmade creations, this awesome new product must be shared. I made designed what is destined to be the hottest and newest Etsy best seller.  Now, before I show it to you, you must promise not to copy me, m’kay? crossyourhearthopetodie,stickaneedleinyoureye??  Well, to the unveiling then….


life jacket

This is my beautiful and awesome handmade life jacket!!! Isn’t it lovely?? Look at that detail… that stitching….the beautiful color combination…  now, if you want to order one, just send me $56 and $82 shipping and I’ll get it out to you as soon as my order arrives from China I’m done whipping it up just for you!! And…. I can even MONOGRAM IT!!!!! Don’t wait. ‘Cause these suckers are going to be flying off the Etsy shelf soon…. very soon!

product #X247

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“Sorry, little swimmy…” and the discussion continues

This old post questioning the new guidelines was recently resurrected in the Etsy forums. (Yea, I know. Not much in the forums today with all that selling going on….) The OP expressed disappointment at the Etsy changes, and one hehe response was:

Sorry little swimmy but the sharks are taking over the pool now.

Of course, there are always one or two cupcakes in the bunch, and this one explains what the new guidelines really mean (emphasis added):

Etsy is allowing designers to out-source their handmade items; however, the manufacturer can’t sell the items that are made; only the designer can sell them. So large scale manufacturers are not allowed to sell the items they make.

and from this one

My understanding is that manufacturers themselves are not allowed to sell on Etsy.

and the discussion continues…

dunedunt…. dunedunt….


The $320 Fifteen Dollar Shirt, or, Nightmare on Etsy Street

Is Etsy trying to recoup its losses from the double deposit screw-up??

This buyer was recently charged $324.45 for a $15.45 shirt.

This buyer was recently charged $294.91 for her $26.81 Etsy bill.

What the hey, Etsy?

…aren’t detecting issues on our end… will continue to investigate…

Hope they do a better job investigating this issue than they do investigating resellers.