Etsy Bugs: Crickets Strike Again

I am getting the whoopsie message and then the message that Etsy is down. Is anyone aware of this issue?
Okay, it has been like 3 days is anyone going to deal with this?
bumping this up so it doesn’t get buried.





Disappearing Convos…. and More Crickets:

SewnNatural from SewnNatural 10:23 pm Oct 30, 2013 EDT
Just saw a convo (unopened) from a client about requesting some items. I didn’t open it right away (of course I didn’t delete). Came back a few minutes later after checking some other things in the shop and it is gone, gone, gone?

Help! Can you find it again?

Thanks much
3 Responses
Debbie from wigglysee 10:43 pm Oct 30, 2013 EDT
Not sure if it will show up but did you try clicking on the “All” folder to see if it reappeared. That is strange that it would do that.

Sneezer222 from EtchedinTimeLLC 10:48 pm Oct 30, 2013 EDT
Do you get email notifications of convos? Sometimes if you click on the link there you can find the convo.

SewnNatural from SewnNatural 10:56 pm Oct 30, 2013 EDT
thanks for the tips – hasn’t worked yet, which is so frustrating, but i will keep trying.




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