Etsy Says There is Nothing Wrong With Search & Browse; Advises Sellers to Work on Their Listings

One of the main complaints from Etsy Sellers revolves around the Search and Browse functions: some shops dominate search pages, while more relevant shops are deeply buried within search; browse lacks diversity, continuously featuring the same shops and the same items; search and browse pages do not often change, if at all, etc., etc.

Etsy responses (emphasis added):

Lori Forty from chillionaire2:11 pm Oct 4, 2013 EDT edited

We assure you we carefully analyze data related to views, favorites, and sales for site features such as Browse. This is why we run experiments: to make sure any changes will have a positive impact on the site. We absolutely want our sellers to be successful, as this is the only way Etsy can thrive.
In the experiment, referenced in this, some adjustments were made to the algorithm, but there were no changes to the amount of diversity present in Browse slices. I have confirmed this information with the team working on the feature and analyzing the data we’ve collected.
If any of you have grabbed screenshots showing a lack of diversity, we welcome you to send them over to us.
You can use the Support contact form here:

lisa june5:27 pm Oct 24, 2013 EDT

Just to clear things up, search results aren’t curated. The order is determined by our relevancy algorithm, but I definitely see what you’re saying.
Our best advice is to take advantage of your tags and titles to create high quality listings. You can find more specific tips
So…… let me get this straight. You contact customer support via email; you never get an answer back from customer support via email, so you contact customer support via “Bugs”; customer support comes into “Bugs,” and says contact customer support via email. And if that doesn’t work, just read the help articles.
and this post has been going on for several months about low views and sales
and a direct plea from Sellers to Administration for answers

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