Etsy tells Members to Shut Up! Complaining About On-Site Sales of Rape, Molestation Tshirts

Today, Etsy again showed its’ true colors and told members to SHUT UP! and stop complaining about an Etsy shop promoting rape, child molestation, and other illegal and inappropriate subjects. At last check, the shop was still open.  ETSY, SHUT DOWN THIS SHOP!

From one thread, Administration’s SHUT UP message told members not to talk negatively about the shop owner!!! Can you believe that????????

Hi Everyone,

We understand that this is a delicate issue for many and appreciate the care you take in helping to preserve our shared marketplace.

That said, the Etsy Forums are not a place to talk negatively about specific members, even if you believe a shop is breaking Etsy’s rules. We can’t use the Forums as a method of reporting. As many of you have done, we ask that members report any violations they find on the site by flagging a shop or listing.

I can assure you that our Trust and Safety Team is hard at work investigating every report including each of those that you have filed. If you would like more info on how to report violations to Etsy check out this article:

I’m going to close this one up now, but again we appreciate your continued investment in preserving the integrity of the Etsy Community.

That’s just so right, Administration. Close the thread, not the shop.

October 23, 2012:  RH Reality Check: “Etsy Pulls Rape-Promoting T-Shirts From Site….”

This obviously is not an Etsy-first: “Etsy, The Latest Brand to Disappoint” 2011

Hate Cards for Rape Victims” 2010


I just signed the petition “Shut Down Rape T-shirt Seller” on

It’s important. Will you sign it too?

2 thoughts on “Etsy tells Members to Shut Up! Complaining About On-Site Sales of Rape, Molestation Tshirts

  1. Etsy finally pulled the seven “rape” T shirts ….. which took them a hell of a long time. In the meantime the ever-present “monitors” were quick to closed the thread …with their usual smug little “Im closing this thread now” ….. shit … can’t they vary this canned response. I’m beginning to want to “kick their can” down the road..

    Here is the shop link Sometimes the server switches immediately to the Etsy home page … which iindicates some of Chad Dickerson’s hi-tech engineers are at work trying to block it rather than cave in to demands that it be removed. What a load of crock. Cowards.

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